abishar meisou waakushoppuSpecial Event-1 (early October)

A Free Meditation Workshop by Abhisar Laza (in Engish with Japanese translation)


Abhisar Laza from Czech Republic has practised meditation for 23 years as a student of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Abhisar has given practical meditation classes in more then 20 countries and has introduced thousands of people to the principles of meditation and of a modern-day spiritual lifestyle.



pradeep meisou supootsuSpecial Event-2 (mid October)

A Special Talk by a super-ultra distance runner Pradeep Hoogakker (in English with Japanese translation)

Pradeep Hoogakker (39) is the first and only Dutch person to have completed the longest certified foot race in the world: The Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race. He completed the distance of almost 5000km in a little under 54 days. For the last 15 years Pradeep has been giving meditation classes and inspirational talks with his friends of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre to inspire people to develop their true potential and happiness through meditation and sports. In daily life Pradeep runs an organic supermarket and importing business in the Netherlands. This is his first time in Japan.


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